Our concern

This. Foundation respects the uniqueness of every individual,
respect the diversity of religious paths,
strives for a peaceful coexistence and
values a caring approach to creation.

(Präambel of the S.E.R. Foundation)

The realization of the human potential grows through self-knowledge and the development of consciousness. This “inner journey”, as Dag Hammarskjöld, the former UN Secretary-General calls it, leads to self-acceptance – another word for love.

This path leads through subjective experiences to reconciliation and thus to peace. Every experience of unity always includes fellow human beings and nature. From this arises the will for a committed spirituality.

Main concerns of the S.E.R. The foundation is to promote this peace and thus a life in human dignity: it offers ways of social activity in which the bond with one another can be experienced and thus the awareness as a community of nations is strengthened.