The S.E.R Fondation D was founded in 1996 in Würzburg and recognized by the Lower Franconia government as a public foundation under civil law with its seat in Würzburg. It is non-profit, non-denominational and politically neutral and advocates peaceful understanding between peoples, cultures and religions.

The Board of Trustees of the S.E.R. Foundation D was formed by 70 founding founders and represented by the chairman of the board of trustees. They elect their foundation board from among their number.
The promotion of projects for children and young people and the ongoing commitment to reconciliation and peace resulted in the foundation being granted consultant status at the United Nations (ECOSOC) as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

The foundation has also been associated with DPI since 2006. In 2008, the foundation was awarded the next higher consultant status ‘special’ by ECOSOC. Since 2008 the foundation has also been a member of the NGO committee at UNICEF. Supporting the goals of the United Nations has become a focus of the foundation.