Peace resolution

One focus of the foundation’s peace work is in Israel and Palestine. Since 1997, the foundation has been in contact with local children’s and peace projects. During various stays, two resolutions emerged. They are a way to keep dialogue and networking moving at all levels of society and to bring awareness to the spiritual dimension of the international community to the fore. They are not aimed at a political discourse, but at new perspectives and visions for the reconciliation and peace process.


Resolution of Peace

In the year 2000 the S.E.R. Foundations published a resolution to collect signatures to promote peace in the Holy Land. It calls on the United Nations to declare, administer and oversee the holy sites in Jerusalem as the spiritual heritage of all mankind.

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Resolution “Holy Land”

In 2012 the S.E.R. Foundations drafted a second resolution. It is a call to help the people of Israel and Palestine organize together to form their own government to be called the Democratic Republic Holy Land.