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This Foundation sees reconciliation as a prerequisite for sustainable peace. Reconciliation is understood as an attitude to life that begins with everyone and continues in encounters with others. In this sense, the foundation advocates reconciliation as a way of making the vision of peace concretely tangible.

Reconciliation encompasses all areas of life: health, environment, social affairs, education, economy, religion, culture, science and politics as well as the relationship between organizations and companies on a national and international level. Against this background, the S.E.R. Foundations before the United Nations a resolution to introduce a UN Day of Atonement:

At the 57th DPI/NGO Conference in New York, “Global Reconciliation” was presented by the foundations as an activating principle for achieving the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

In the years 2005-2008 the S.E.R. foundations worldwide for an annual reconciliation week.

In 2006, the UN General Assembly expressly stated that reconciliation processes for countries and regions that were or are in conflict situations are an important step on the way to peace (A/61/L.22) and called 2009 the “International Year of reconciliation”.

This. Foundations have been regularly initiating the Reconciliation Year since 2009: It is based on the principle of networking people who work directly or indirectly for reconciliation on site. Exemplary projects characterize the S.E.R. Foundations with the Reconciliation Prize. On the international website of the S.E.R. Foundations you will find all documentation.

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